Prophy Wrap protects you and your patients against the spread of infection by creating a barrier between
infection and its spread. Because it dispenses easily in square plastic sheets, Prophy Wrap is the best
protection for countless items in your operatory. Gloves, masks and gowns are protecting you from the
patient but infection can spread throughout the office. Now, items such as handles, counters and
electrical equipment that can't be easily disinfected can be aseptic. Non-staining, non-caustic Prophy Wrap
complements disinfectant sprays, speeds operatory preparation, and promotes patient confidence with
a visible means of contamination control.
Prophy Wrap covers operatory equipment used regularly during a patient procedure. It's perfect for
covering light handles and chair switches and is faster to use than disinfectant sprays which can take
up to 20 minutes to be effective. Prophy Wrap protects instruments and other equipment from fluids.
A 3-way syringe can spray water, saliva and even blood up to five feet from the patient.
Because Prophy Wrap is visible, patients know you take an active role to protect their health.
Prophy Wrap is easily dispensed in single sheets whenever needed quickly providing extra protection
against smearing fluids on drawer handles, counter tops and surfaces that aren't easily sterilized or disinfected.
Prophy Wrap was developed to control infection, protecting both office personnel and patients.
Designed exclusively for use in dental offices, Prophy Wrap can be wall hung or placed on the counter
and moved between operations.